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About Katihar:-Katihar is located at 25.53° N 87.58° E. It has an average elevation of 20 metres. The main rivers of the District are mighty Ganga (southern boundary, 25 kilometers from Katihar Town), magnificentKosi (western boundary, 30 kilometers from Katihar Town) and beautiful Mahananda besides many other small rivers like Kari Kosi (flowing by the side of Katihar town), Kamla etc. The Kosi (Sorrow of Bihar) merges with Ganga at the south-west boundary of Katihar District. This District shares boundary with two states i.e. Jharkhand at the southern side and West Bengal at the eastern side. The Bangla Desh lies around 80 km east of Katihar town and Nepal lies around 100 km north of Katihar Town. There is rail connectivity to both the borders from Katihar railway station. The hills of Jharkhand near the southern bank of Ganga is even visible from Katihar Town on a clear day. Its proximity to the Himalayas in the north.
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Katihar is a historical   place and takes palce in indian history. It is said that Hindu Lord  SRI KRSIHNA came here and lost mani here in manihari( a religious place of katihar district).Katihar was a part of Purnia district and the latter was constituted in round about 1983 along with malda district.It is situated in the plaines of North Eastern part of Bihar state, surrounded by Purnea district in the North and Sahebganj district in the South and PaschimBang in the East.          ...KNOW MORE